So I let Charlotte dye her hair pink. Not the entire head, just a couple of streaks here and there. It might seem crazy to let a 6 year old dye their hair and at first I thought so too, but then I realized it’s just hair? Who cares? It makes her happy and it’s not hurting anyone so pink hair it is! The process of getting the pink hair was a real hoot. For someone as easy as Charlotte highlights were no problem! (Kidding, of course.) She absolutely hated the foil.

Exhibit A.

She was happy when it was over though. Mackenzie was just happy to be there. Scooting around on the floor screaming DAT DAT which is all she does any day at any given time so the usual for her. It was an exciting day!

Pink lady.

Now Charlotte just constantly asks me if the pink is still in it whenever it gets wet. This won’t get old at all! In other developments, Charlotte has decided she wants to be a pop star when she grows up. Which is really something considering she doesn’t speak to people, she refused to partake in a single dance movement break during the school year and she DEFINITELY would give the costume department a hard time on music video sets. This all stems from me giving her an education on the one and only Miss Britney Spears, so I understand the desire to emulate the Queen. “I Wanna Go” is currently her favorite song, so my work here is done. I’m pretty sure Mackenzie likes it too, but since she dances to everything it’s a little too soon to tell. But one thing is for sure, this is a #freebritney house!!!

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