There was a time not too long ago where I was worried about Mackenzie not crawling or standing or showing any interest in moving. Eric and I found videos of Charlotte crawling and standing and doing everything Mackenzie wasn’t way earlier. They say not to compare your kids, but of course that’s easier said than done. I kept saying Mackenzie was just lazy and would do everything in her own time even as I worried.

I was a fool.

In one day Mackenzie figured out how to move and move fast. She won’t crawl and she’s still not trying to stand on her own but she’s managed to scoot herself around at a very rapid pace. She looks like she is in a kayak pushing herself all over the place. I put her down on the rug and walk to the fridge and by the time I turn around she’s behind me. She got over to the tv stand and immediately knocked down a shelf of picture frames. She scoots to the stove and rips the dish towels down. She found the outlets which now need outlet covers. She tried to eat a phone charger and ripped all of the artwork and magnets off the fridge. She gets herself stuck under the kitchen stools and races over to wherever Charlotte is and destroys whatever she is playing with. There is so much shouting of “get her away from me!!!” I’m constantly vacuuming and making sure there is nothing on the floor because she thinks everything is edible. Barbie shoes are my nemesis.

What a fool I was. I should have enjoyed the stationary baby instead of worrying because I obviously had nothing to worry about and now I can’t leave the room without containing her. The party is over!!!

The destroyer of decor.

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