Of illness that is. Poor Mackenzie was diagnosed with a UTI on Saturday, which is something I wasn’t even aware that babies could get, but here we are. It was a BAD few days before I found out what was wrong with her and I feel like we are only just coming out of it. Yesterday was the first day she was 100% back to herself, so thank you modern medicine. But now any and all sleep training she had previously is shot to shit and I am screwed once again and have to start all over. I DON’T WANNA.

In other news, Charlotte went to school two times last week! But now school is closed again for 24 hours so she can’t go today and I KNOW we will get the call this afternoon closing us for 2 weeks, because of course we will. The system in place right now is basically designed to keep schools closed. There is no way they can stay open if there is mandatory weekly testing AND the threshold is only 2 cases. There are HUNDREDS of people in these schools. You can’t test people 3-4 days apart and not expect to get less than 2 cases. It just isn’t fair. There is no continuity for these kids at all. Every other week I am telling Charlotte her school is closed again and she can’t go, and she asks me when she can go and I tell her and then they close again anyway. At this rate just keep the damn schools closed because I’m sure that’s what these people want anyway. It’s not fair to the teachers either. They have to change everything at the drop of a hat and that messes with the kids too. Enough is enough now. I’m just so disgusted and disheartened and Charlotte, while she is learning to read beautifully, is definitely struggling with math and I KNOW if she went to school normally like SO MANY OTHER KIDS THAT AREN’T IN THIS GODFORSAKEN PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM are, she would be excelling. UGH.

Speaking of reading, Char and I are reading the Amelia Bedelia books, and because she is starting to read on her own she asks me to read words on every page. BUT, because she is Charlotte and has to question everything, she cannot for the life of her understand why certain books have different fonts. For example, the way that she is learning how to read and write the lowercase letter a is not the way in which this computer is writing it. She looks at it and gets very confused, so I explain there are different fonts that show letters in different ways. I don’t know how to explain it to her – how would you explain fonts to a 5 year old? So now, no matter what it is – whether it has to do with reading, writing, math, a word she doesn’t understand, what have you – her first response is: “oh, so is it the font?” She thinks everything has to do with fonts now. I couldn’t figure out how to do something the other day and she said, “oh mommy it’s just the font.” So if you have any problem in your life just blame fonts.

She has also discovered the calculator app, which she calls the “magic app that gives me the answers,” so now I have to make sure she isn’t trying to do her math homework with a calculator. Which is unfair since I do all of my math with a calculator. I guess math doesn’t run in the family. Eric is much better at doing her work with her than I am. I should just start saving all of her homework for when he wakes up.

In other Mackenzie news, other than the UTI, she still has no interest in rolling over or crawling, really does not give one single F about food (will tolerate yogurt for 30 seconds and then decides she’s over it) and doesn’t trust me anymore when it comes to feeding her anyway because she assumes everything is medicine. Poor kid. I didn’t have to give Charlotte antibiotics until she was 5 so I feel bad that Mackenzie is getting them at 7 months. As dumb as it sounds it feels like I did something wrong, you know? I’m just so happy she is smiling and laughing again. She thinks Charlotte is THE funniest person to walk this earth and starts to smile the second she sees her walking down the steps in the morning. Yesterday I was able to clean my bathroom because Charlotte was playing in her room and set Kenz up on the floor with pillows and a toy. I knew the age difference would work out in my favor! Maybe one day soon I can just leave her with Char for the entire day?

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