When I go through the years of posts on this blog (how has it been years?) I noticed that I wrote a monthly recap of Charlotte’s first year. Poor Mackenzie. She’s lucky she gets the monthly photo at this point. And it’s not because I don’t want to recap her life, it’s just because there is never any time. BUT! She has fixed that problem for me. You see, today she woke up at 5:30 (which is better than yesterday’s 3:30!) and her sister is still asleep and online school doesn’t start for another 2 hours so I am able to recap her five months with us.

Her new name is Judas since she’s turning on sleep. It figures I would have both kids that hate it, but I was really hoping we’d get through the four month sleep regression unscathed. WOMP WOMP. I’m returning the SNOO soon with a note that says “THANKS BUT NO THANKS!” I set her crib up yesterday so this should be fun. I see a lot of Starbucks in my future. She’s miles ahead of her sister, but I am really not a fan of waking up at 5:30 AM and also waking up twice in the middle of the night to feed her. Sometimes I wonder if formula would make her sleep better and I’m tempted to try it. But breast is best for me because it burns calories and helps me fill out a bra.

Mackenzie rolled over from her back to her belly on Halloween. Nobody saw it. Eric was in the shower and Charlotte and I went downstairs in the basement to get something and when we came back up she was on her stomach looking at us. She has not rolled since. She refuses. She is lazy.

She still hates tummy time, which I force her to do every day because she won’t roll and she is getting a flat head. Her favorite thing in the world is to lay on her back and kick her feet violently. I don’t understand how her heels aren’t bruised from how hard she kicks. At least she gets a workout in.

Her favorite person in the world is her sister. Charlotte TORTURES her with love. Char has a thing for ear lobes and she squeezes Mackenzie’s so hard while screaming “YOU’RE SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE!” and Mackenzie just cracks the hell up. Whenever she sees Charlotte her face just lights up and she smiles and laughs for her like no one else. It’s adorable and I can’t wait until they fight.

Her favorite show is Scientology and the Aftermath. We’re on Season 3. I let her watch it with me to show her that even though Charlotte tells me I am the worst mother in the world for not giving her a lollipop for breakfast, at least I’m not making them sign a billion year contract to join hard labor camps for children in the Sea Org.

She is happy 95% of the time. She is the light of 2020. My pandemic baby. When I look back on this year and all the terrible things that have happened and are still happening, I will always be grateful that I have her. She really completes our family in the best way. I just wish she’d sleep, you know?

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