This week at school Charlotte  is the student of the week.  She has been waiting for this moment since it was first announced back in October.  Every day she has to bring in a different “favorite” item of hers and we had to make an All About Me poster to hang up for the week.  It has been interesting.

Tuesday was favorite book day and Charlotte brought in Kylie Jean: Fashion Queen and told me that her teacher didn’t do it right because she didn’t read the whole thing.  The book is 92 pages.

Today is favorite toy day, so she is bringing her mermaid Barbie she just got for her birthday and I’m sure the teachers will love the strobe light effects it has.

Tomorrow is her favorite snack that begins with the letter of her first name which would be cookies or cupcakes but because the DOE refuses to let children ever have any joy when it comes to food we are going to send in Goldfish Crackers because she certainly won’t enjoy carrots.

But Charlotte’s favorite day was yesterday, which was Favorite Song.  She told us that some kids brought in music from Frozen or Paw Patrol.  No theme songs for Char though.  Oh no.  Charlotte brought in Stop by the Spice Girls.  She said that her teacher then let them listen to Spice Up Your Life right after.  She said none of the kids knew the songs so she had to “sing it medium” to them.  So in a class of 4 and 5 year olds, all I can picture is my daughter standing in front of the group quietly singing “stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch” and “chicas to the front, spice up your life!”

I guess I should just be glad her Lizzo phase is over?

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