I just want everyone to know that now that Charlotte has been 5 for 6 days she has decided she wants to be 6 because she is ready for her teeth to fall out and when she is 6 she thinks she can touch knives.  Real knives, not the kid safety knives my BFF got her.  She also said she doesn’t want to celebrate her dad’s birthday (which is today) because it’s not her birthday anymore and she wants the baby to be a boy now so do I think I can make that happen?

We also got into a colossal fight over underwear this morning because I bought her new underwear since all of her old underwear are ripping from the violence she puts them through by putting them on and taking them off where she told me I was a “pain in the” multiple times.  FIVE IS SO SO SO FUN.

She did have a great birthday though and really enjoyed her party with her class friends and with her cousins.  She got so many lovely presents, lots of which are arts and crafts type things, and has been happily occupied with them since the weekend.  Thank you to everyone who showed her love – we are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives!

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