It is crazy to me how much things have changed since Charlotte was a newborn — and it was only five years ago!  For instance, the contraption she used to sleep in has been recalled indefinitely and no longer produced because of infant deaths.  I’m glad they figured that one out?  Because things change so quickly, this time around I’ll be renting a SNOO which is supposed to make the baby sleep, which is all I require of a bed.  And I’m renting it since it’s insanely expensive and the baby shop is closed after this.  Also, the breast pump I’ll be getting this time around is finally covered by insurance and has Bluetooth and syncs up to an app on my phone.  Technology is crazy, man.

In terms of new things, I feel like I don’t need that much because I do have so much stuff left over from Charlotte, specifically clothes (many items still with tags) and tons of baby toys.  I saved almost everything!  I have also gotten some things from my family and friends who have had babies more recently than I, so that has been nice and helpful!

I made a baby registry on Amazon for a few things, but I’m asking all of you out there if there is something I should be getting for the second that I may not have had for the first?  Like this time around I registered for a legit pack and play (which I didn’t need for Char) because now we are in a house and I’m 100% going to need it for the main floor.  I also registered for a diaper backpack because the diaper bag used to just hurt my arm.  We’re going to need a new crib, but I’m not getting that until baby is like 6 months old, and I’ll be getting it from Ikea because I know how LITTLE I CARE ABOUT CRIBS NOW.  So, if anyone has baby #2 item suggestions, please send them my way!

It’s crazy to think I’m halfway to having two children.  This SNOO better work.

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