In case anyone is wondering, Charlotte is NOT happy that Christmas is over and her birthday isn’t until the end of February because that means the presents are officially over.  She asked me what holiday was next and I said MLK day on January 15 and she asked what presents she gets then.  I think she’s a little too hung up on presents if you ask me.

I will say that she is actively using every single gift she got, which is a welcome sight.  She paints and colors every single day at her new art desk, she plays with her Barbies and the Barbie dream house on the daily, she zooms around the house on her scooter (she doesn’t like the way it sounds on the concrete outside so she won’t use it there, WTF?)  and we play all of the board games and read all of the books she got.  It’s nice to see her enjoying everything she received, to be happy with it, and to leave me the hell alone.

I’m finally at a point in this pregnancy where I don’t feel like I’m going to fall over every second of the day from pain and exhaustion.  I’ve been exercising consistently, which is hilarious because I basically stopped exercising the entire summer and now that I can’t lose any weight I’ve started up again?  Oh well.  At least it makes me feel better as I watch the scale creep up and watch my body change.  And it makes me feel stronger and has really helped my pelvic pain.  But I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it because I’m growing a human, which is the coolest thing my body can do, and I’ll lose the weight when it’s over.  I have been trying very hard since the end of the holiday season to make sure I’m eating tons and fruits and vegetables but the damage from Christmas is done.  Baby girl and I enjoyed our cake and cookies and cheese and more cheese.  Charlotte enjoyed her presents, I enjoyed my cheese, and neither one of us are getting anymore.

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