We’re at the point in the holiday season (is it even a season right now?  It just feels like a race with a deadline at the end of it.  Yeesh.) where threats to Santa just aren’t working.  The attitude of my child is astounding.  The talking back really makes me wonder if she has a death wish.  And every time I yell “Alexa! Call Santa!” she stares at me with a daring look in her eyes.  She’s mocking me.

Last night I was really done so I told her how every Christmas morning when we open presents we watch the Yule Log on TV.  The Yule Log is the backdrop to all of my Christmas mornings.  I told her about the Christmas songs and the fireplace.  And then I told her the purpose of the Yule Log is because it is where Santa puts all of the presents of the bad children on Christmas Eve night, and the good children watch them burn as they open up their gifts the next morning.  And that if she didn’t get her act together she was going to be a Yule Log kid.  When she went to sleep she apologized for talking back to me and that she didn’t want to be a Yule Log kid.  So it worked, and that’s that.

Please feel free to spread this threat.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself for thinking of it so quickly.  Sometimes the ideas just come to me, you know?  Like I always say, fear is Christmas magic.

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