Well where do I begin?  As most of you know by now, I’m knocked up.  Girl numero dos is on the way, arriving June 2020.  We have a name and a story to go with the name but I’m not ready to share yet.  I will share that I already feel enormous, am suffering from posterior pelvic pain and Charlotte makes up songs about “mommy fat” daily.  It’s been fun!  So fun!  In all seriousness, I’m thrilled to be pregnant again and even though I am nervous and afraid and already filled with anxiety about life with two, I’m ready for baby snuggles and baby stretches and seeing Charlotte as a big sister.  It’ll be fine.  Totally fine.  Easy breezy.  If this kid doesn’t sleep I’ll jump off the roof.

In other news, we took Charlotte to her first movie on Saturday and we didn’t have to leave!  Eric and I checked out how many people bought tickets to a 4:40 showing of Frozen 2, and when we saw only 4 tickets were purchased we bought seats way in the back so we were away from everyone.  Charlotte did not appreciate previews and wasn’t a fan of the seat because it moved.  She made sure to say this 500 times, and eventually just made her way into my lap for most of the movie.  Aside from the 10 minute performance of Jingle Bells she just had to give, telling us she doesn’t like movies because they are too long and asking to go home a few times, for most of it she was good!  And we made it through to the end.  She told me her favorite part was “Kristoff relaxing where you saw his feet” which is a part I certainly don’t remember but I’m glad it stuck out in her mind.  The only issue now is she is harping on dead parents because Anna and Elsa have dead parents and she keeps asking me who is going to be her mom and dad when Eric and I die and is continually bringing up my death, so maybe the movie wasn’t the best idea after all?  Ah well, Eric and I thoroughly enjoyed it and now we know we can take her to a movie.

COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS IS ON! I called Santa this morning because Charlotte screamed at me that I was the worst mother ever because I wouldn’t let her have a chocolate coin for breakfast.  And then I ate a chocolate coin for breakfast.

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