Now that our household has the glory that is Disney+ I thought it was time to start exploring some of the Disney classics with Charlotte.  She’s been wanting to watch Sleeping Beauty for a while so we put it on but she told me it was boring 10 minutes in.  She wasn’t wrong – I was bored too.  So on Saturday when she was a bit under the weather, I decided it was time to watch The Lion King.

I put it on and she asked the usual questions.  Who is that, who is this, how old is he, when was he born, where does he live, is Jabba the Hutt going to be on Pride Rock.  THE USUAL.  Then we got to ” I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and she tried to sing it immediately (she kept singing “oh I just can’t wait to be there”) and then it was time.  You know what time I mean.  It was time for Mufasa to die.  Anyone who has seen this movie knows how heart wrenching this is.  I start to cry the second the stampede starts.  I cry harder when Scar digs his nails into Mufasa’s paws and sneers “long live the king.”  I cry the hardest when Simba goes up to Mufasa’s dead body and asks him to wake up and then curls up under him.  IT IS TOO MUCH I TELL YOU. TOO MUCH.  So I was a little worried about how Charlotte was going to handle this.  It went like this:

“Wait, he’s DEAD?”

“Well okay.  He’s dead then.  At least he’s still got a mother.”

“Can we watch the singing part again?  Is Jabba the Hutt coming to Pride Rock?”

AT LEAST HE’S STILL GOT A MOTHER?!  WELL HE’S DEAD THEN?!  I’m raising a straight psychopath!  Not a hint of emotion!  Not one tear!  She seemed to be annoyed with me that I was crying!  AND ALWAYS WITH THE JABBA THE HUTT!

I’m sure it’s the age and perhaps we will revisit this movie when she’s older so she can properly grieve for Mufasa, but COME ON.  I should show her The Fox and The Hound to really get her going, but that will just destroy me more than I’d like.  She’d probably just ask me when Jabba the Hutt was coming on anyway.

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