It’s been so long since I’ve last written.  It’s not for lack of material – we’ve had Halloween parades and trick or treating, school homework fights (WHYYYY), new bed adventures – so many things!  I’ve just been busy or tired and didn’t want to write just for the sake of writing.  But, here I am!  Back again!

In news that isn’t really news since I have said it SO MANY TIMES BEFORE – Eric and I have decided that it is time for Charlotte to go to bed in her own room every night.  Yes, she is almost 5 years old and we are still discussing bedtime struggles.  I know, I KNOW.  But, we’ve been consistent with making her start her night in there.  She isn’t fighting me on going to bed (not for the most part anyway) but she has yet to stay an entire night in her room.  She told me she doesn’t like it because green isn’t her favorite color anymore.  You’ll recall we painted her room green when we bought our house last year because green was her favorite color and she picked it out herself.  Now she wants a room that is pink and purple.  Because of course she does.  I told her if she sleeps in her room all night for an entire month I’ll repaint it however she wants.  This is an empty promise because I am quite certain it will never happen.  I ordered her a new mattress that is supposed to be really good and comfortable and I’m going to get her new sheets and pillows and hope this helps.  At least Eric will be comfortable when he inevitably sleeps in there.

The person who is suffering the most though, is me.  Because now I’m waking up thinking I hear her, or thinking she fell out of bed, or just wondering when she’s going to start screaming, because I’ve been stockholm syndromed.  It’s like I have a newborn again.  WHAT A TIME.

In unrelated news, I CANNOT wait to decorate for Christmas.  I am itching to put my tree up.  I bought a 6 foot inflatable Santa Claus for the lawn.  I. AM. READY.  I’ve started listening to Christmas music already and I am loving the Starbucks holiday cups.  It is REALLY the little things, am I right?

Hope you guys missed me!

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