We’re on our third week of school and got our first homework assignment!  It was due last Friday! We did it last night! We are KILLING THIS SCHOOL GAME GUYS.

OK OK OK so it isn’t entirely our fault (we never heard the teacher handing it out) and it isn’t Charlotte’s fault at all because she kept telling me she had homework and I kept telling her she didn’t (because I didn’t know!!!) but we finally found out about it and got the assignment.  Better late than never!

Charlotte was SO excited to do it when I got home last night.  If we had more time I would have gone out and got more arts supplies, but we worked with what we had and she spent a good hour completing her version of herself.  Here is the finished product:


It looks like a hot mess (much like Eric’s shoes on the floor…) but she was soooooo proud of it!  She couldn’t wait to bring it in today and show the teacher and I love that she was so confident about it.  It’s very colorful, just like she is.

We also received her next assignment so we’ll be able to complete this one in a timely matter.  She is really loving school and it makes me so happy.  She’s also loving her weekly gymnastics class and her very best friend from her class is in gymnastics with her so every Saturday is a joy.  Things are going well for Miss Charlotte Shea!

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