So you know how I bought the entire box set of Roald Dahl books from Costco a few weeks ago and how we started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory every night?  Well let me just tell you what an absolute DELIGHT this has been.  Getting Charlotte to go to bed has been an absolute dream, all because of Charlie.  When it’s time for bed I tell her that it’s Charlie time and she runs upstairs.  She asks me to hold her while I read and she asks if she can turn the pages and I swear to you she’ll be talking and asking me questions and two seconds later she’s out cold.  We make it through about two chapters before she passes out and it’s been about 10-15 minutes of reading (reading peppered with questions, which I welcome).  And then the next morning she asks me if I kept reading after she fell asleep, talks about the parts we did read and asks me what part is coming tonight. Charlie Bucket is MAGICAL.  This morning she reminded me that she isn’t really digging the fact that Grandpa Joe took Charlie to the factory because she thinks Charlie’s mom should have gone.  She also calls the grandmas “grandma joyina” (Georgina) and “grandma jusphine” (Josephine).  She thinks Augustus Gloop is the funniest name ever and she can already tell Veruca Salt is a spoiled B.  I seriously look forward to this every night.  And it isn’t just because she is going to bed easier than ever, it’s because for the first time we actually have a shared interest.  I LOVE to read.  I have loved to read since I was a little girl, and to be able to share this with her and actually have her enjoy it is the BEST.  When I was leaving for work before to told me “don’t forget to come home, we have to go to the chocolate room later!” because I told her tonight we are at the part with the chocolate room.  THIS IS THE BEST.

And all the while I can only think of one thing.


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