Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  We were jam packed with festivities every day.  On Friday we had Eric’s family over for Passover, on Saturday we had Frittatamania (a treasured family tradition, one of my favorite days of the year), and on Sunday we had Easter at my house.  Since my leg is still messed up it was definitely a lot but it was all great times.  I’m still in a lot of pain but I wasn’t about to cancel all holidays and lay on the couch, that’s for sure.

Charlotte really got the idea of the Easter Bunny this year so that was great.  The night before Easter she went to bed talking about how he was going to come and leave her chocolate and presents.  And let me just cop to this now.  If you go back a few years you’ll find a post I wrote about how people are insane with Easter baskets and making the holiday out to be a second Christmas and that was never going to be me.  I still stand behind that, but this year I did get her a tricycle.  It’s the first spring and summer in our new house and it was on sale at Amazon and why the hell not.  But her basket only contained a coloring book, chocolate and some cheap nail polish. So there.  Eric set the bike up and we put eggs making a trail down the steps leading up to her basket and she was SO excited and to be honest she was THE most excited about the Muppet Babies coloring book, so this is why I stand behind my post about why Easter baskets don’t need to be crazy.  She likes the bike, but the coloring book is more her jam.  Anyway, it was a good time.

I came back to work yesterday after the Great Stairway Fall of 2019 and Charlotte was REALLY concerned about the fact that I can’t wear a shoe on my right foot because of my boot.  She kept asking me if my boss was going to be mad at me and I kept explaining she wasn’t mad but Charlotte still kept asking over and over and I asked her why she thought my boss would be mad and she said “because your sock is out!” and I thought that was the cutest thing.  Last night she said “your boss was OK with your sock? she’s not mad?”  It’s so funny how she gets so fixated on certain things that would never cross my mind.  She’s also really concerned that I can’t hold her right now and keeps asking me if I’ll hold her when I get better.  “Can you just try to hold me? You don’t have to walk just pick me up!”  My heart melts.

She’s off from school this week, but at least the weather will be nice.  We’ve had enough rain I think!

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