I’ve been a little MIA lately but not because Charlotte gives me a lack of writing material but because we have been busy, busy, busy.  Since I’ve last written we’ve had birthday parties and baseball parades, trips to Legoland and cousin sleepovers, and now heading into Easter shows and a vacation from school.  It’s been a lot of go, go, go every weekend, but it’s been all good things.  We got our patio set last week which has been a highlight of April for me.  Eric picked it out and we had dinner out there Saturday night with Charlotte and it just got me really excited to spend all summer outside in the yard.  We thoroughly cleaned the fence we have in the front of the house too, and while it sucked while we were doing it, every time we look at the shining white fence we’re pretty proud of it.

I went to Costco on Friday to finish getting things we need for Easter and I picked up a box set of Roald Dahl’s books and started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Charlotte on Saturday night.  I wasn’t sure how this would go since the book has less illustrations that she is used to, but I read three chapters and she promptly fell asleep.  She would interrupt me here and there to shout, “BUT WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE??” but for the most part she really enjoyed it.  Yesterday morning I asked her some questions about it to see if she absorbed any of it, and she got all of them right, so I’m excited to keep reading it to her.  I am happy to be done with Brown Bear, Brown Bear and onto actual literature.  I cannot wait until it’s time for Harry Potter.

Tomorrow is Charlotte’s Easter show at school.  It is 10 minutes long and she said she is never going to sing anything except for Neon Pegasus.  If you haven’t heard Neon Pegasus, please look up the lyrics and envision that at an Easter show.  It should be fun for me and definitely a good use of a vacation day from work.  I’ll probably cry and take 45 pictures and videos anyway though.

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