It’s honestly amazing what some sunshine and warmer weather can do for a person. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and Charlotte and I got out of the house and went to the park.  When we arrived there really wasn’t anyone else there except for a girl younger than Charlotte.  Char looked up at me and said “I wish I had a friend to play with” and I almost wept on the spot.  It was honestly the saddest thing to hear!  She asked me to introduce her to the younger girl but she wasn’t even 2 yet so their playtime was short-lived.  Charlotte spotted an older girl coming out of a car and started shouting that she could play with her, and that’s exactly what she did for the next hour.  We can really learn a LOT from kids.  Complete strangers and they just went up to each other and started to play without a care in the world.  It was nice to sit on a bench and watch her run around and make up games with her “best friend” (she thinks everyone she meets is her best friend) and she’s been talking about her ever since.  “What’s my best friend’s name?  Am I going to see her again?”  It’s going to be a sad slap of reality when winter returns and slaps us with 30 degree temps again.  I’m so ready for spring!

We also celebrated my brother’s birthday the other day and Charlotte gave him candy as his present.  She tasted this candy at home and then said “this is disgusting! Give it to Uncle Nicky for his birthday.”  She’s so nice.  She knows her birthday is coming up so it’s all she’s talking about now.  “What day is it today?  Whose birthday is next?  Is it my birthday?”  It’s nonstop.  BUT it will be fun to celebrate her with some small family parties.  We’re not doing a big party this year like we did last year, mostly because we just bought the house and children’s birthday places are like one million dollars.  Why does a party for kids have to COST SO MUCH?  There’s no reason a party with 8 children should cost $800.  Not to mention we’d need more than 8 kids so the price would skyrocket.  It will be nice to host something in the house though, even if I can’t invite everyone I’d like to invite.  Char won’t know the difference and will have a blast either way.  And I get to continue making cheeseboards, which is my new favorite hobby and the reason I won’t ever be able to follow a diet.  CHEESEBOARDS FOR LIFE.

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