The Clothing Wars with Charlotte have continued into the year 2019.  We used to not be able to get pajamas on this kid.  She would sleep in her underwear and nothing else for months and months, no matter the temperature.  Now?  Now we can’t get pajamas off of her.  She only wants to wear two pairs of pajamas, over and over again.  At night, all day, never changing.  They are completely stretched out because she insists on dressing herself, so in order to do that she has to pull them and twist them and throw them against the wall in frustration until she manages to get them on.  When it’s time to get dressed for the day she will sometimes acquiesce to a shirt but she wants to keep her pajama pants on.  This wouldn’t be the biggest deal except one pair of pants consists of Halloween decorations and the other is Disney princesses, so neither pattern really goes with any of the shirts she owns.  She also only wants to wear short sleeve t shirts even though the pajama shirts are long sleeves.  She tells us she “can’t stretch” in any of the pants she owns.  Every. Day. Is. A. Struggle.

She also still hates coats but will wear one outside without buttoning it up.  A woman at Trader Joe’s asked me the other day when we were leaving the store if I wanted her to button Charlotte up for me.  Sure lady, and while you’re at it why don’t you get her dressed every day and put her to bed at night too?

Everyone thinks it should be so easy to get her to do what I want, “show her who is the boss” and all, but I don’t think any of these people ever had to deal with a strong-willed, stubborn child.  I honestly think if you don’t have a “difficult” kid you can’t possibly comprehend what every day is like.  It’s not as easy as you would think it would be and it’s honestly insulting to just assume Eric and I aren’t good parents who don’t set rules and boundaries.  Yesterday it took an hour to get her in a pair of regular pants with two time-outs, taking toys away and general threats.  There was screaming and crying the entire time.  Sure, she wore the pants eventually, but we were all exhausted and frustrated by the time she got them on that  I don’t understand why I even bothered in the first place since we were staying home and not even going anywhere.

I mean, most of the time I’d rather not wear pants either, so I guess I understand where she’s coming from.

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