I can’t even begin to describe how happy and content I am.  I’m sure it’s just the honeymoon phase, and eventually something house related will go wrong and I will wish I never bought a house, but right now I wake up every morning SO happy.  I honestly love my house with every fiber of my being, so even if/when something does go wrong, I love it so much.  It has so much character and I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I come home.   I love that I can do laundry whenever I want.  Not having a washer/dryer for 8 years really makes you appreciate doing laundry.  It’s lovely waking up every morning this happy.  I love the way the house is coming together and that it’s really OUR HOME.

But want to know what I love the most?  That for the last two nights Charlotte has gone to bed in her own room without any issues.  We’ve said goodnight and she has left us alone and gone to sleep.  Yesterday she went into her room and into bed, UNPROMPTED, and TOOK A NAP.  Last night I put her to bed and Eric and I watched television together while she hung out in her room and eventually went to sleep.  You don’t know how much of a big step this is.  WE NEVER GET TO DO THIS.  I usually have to lay with her for 27 hours until she falls asleep and then I end up falling asleep and Eric just shuts the light off and we go another day without hanging out and it’s all very sad.  But TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING.  She wakes up so proud of herself for doing it and we keep encouraging it every second of the day.

We are also bribing her to stay in there and sleep because what is parenting without bribes?  Every night she stays in there she gets a treat.  Like a dog.  But I really DON’T CARE.  After almost 4 years of sleep issues and pretty much co-sleeping constantly for the better part of a year, I will dole out as many treats as I possibly can to turn this corner.  I’ll buy her every Hershey Bar in existence if it means she sleeps in her own room every night of her life from here on out.  WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

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