Hi all!  I’m not even sure when the last time I posted was, so I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2019!  I’ve been MIA because I was busy, busy, busy!  We got the keys to our new home on December 19 and ever since then it has been painting, painting, holiday prep, painting, painting, Home Depot runs, furniture purchases, painting, painting.  See the theme?  We originally were only going to paint a few rooms but then decided to paint every room in the house, which caused me to have an almost nervous breakdown because we had planned on moving in on December 30 but have now pushed that back to January 14 to give us more time to get things ready, which was the best decision all around.  The last big room to paint is our basement and my best friend is coming to assist with that on Saturday and after that I think I’ll feel much better!  We have the carpet guys coming on Saturday too (I decided last minute to carpet our bedroom and get new runners on the staircases, because why not?) and everything is really starting to look just how I imagined it.  We ordered our couch and our bed and I’m just getting really excited now and no longer feel the dread of having so much to do and so little time to do it.  Now I can just feel dread over the ongoing Government shutdown and the potential of not getting paid in the coming weeks.  New house and no paycheck.  YAY AMERICA!!!!!

Charlotte’s room is the only one that is 100% all done at the house and she really loves it.  The only thing left is the rug I ordered but she has green walls (the color is not what we would have chosen but she picked it out herself and she adores them), and white glittery curtains.  She talks every day about how she’s going to sleep in her new room all by herself with all of her Muppet Babies stuffed animals and Tom.  Eric and I are really starting to think she’s serious, so here’s hoping!

Once things are more settled I’ll share pictures of the house.  Right now every photo I have has paint cans or drop clothes or ladders in them so it doesn’t look that great.  I’m really excited though, and it’s a great feeling to be in love with your home.  Every time I walk in there I get such a cozy feeling and can imagine all of the dinners and parties and fun we’ll have.  January doesn’t feel so bleak with all of this on the horizon!

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