Charlotte is in this phase where discipline is becoming tricky.  She can be a real PITA and on those occasions where she is throwing a tantrum I usually stick to time out where I just put her in another room and shut the door.  I did this the other day when she was acting up, and after the allotted time I went in to ask her if she was sorry and ready to come out.  She not only told me that she wasn’t sorry but that she still wanted to be punished.  This went on for at least another 10 minutes.  It wasn’t like she was in there playing with toys either.  She was just laying on the floor, not moving, insisting she wasn’t sorry and telling me to go away.  When she came out she was much better behaved and did apologize, so maybe it worked?  I don’t know!!!  Discipline is hard.  I’m probably going to start taking favorite toys away from her soon because that seems harsher than time out but not as harsh as a beating.  Although if you tell me you haven’t wanted to throttle your kids in the middle of an epic tantrum I don’t believe you but I can’t associate with liars.

She’s also too sassy for her own good.  I don’t even know if sassy is the appropriate word.  She’s a smart ass even though she’s too young to know what a smart ass is.  She wasn’t saying please the other day (I am literally forcing this child to say please and thank you 750 times a day, because I want it to be muscle memory in her to ALWAYS SAY IT because there are too many rude a*holes nowadays) when she SCREAMED it at me.  I was taken aback and said “I’m sorry, but you don’t speak to mommy that way.”  And her response?

“You told me to say please, you didn’t tell me to be nice.”

I was at a loss for words, because she wasn’t wrong.  It’s hard to discipline and know if you’re raising your kids right, especially because this age is so tough.  She’s much more independent but is still a baby in some ways.  She doesn’t always know how to express her emotions other than screaming like a banshee, so I don’t know if it’s always appropriate to punish a tantrum or try to deal with it in a different way, like just trying to calm her down and get her to explain what is wrong.  I am starting to use Santa as a threat though, so that is super fun!!

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