…Or not.

We had the wettest, nastiest day at Sesame Place.  We checked the forecast multiple times and it never predicted what we experienced! Cold with a constant downpour.  I have never felt such disappointment for my Char than I did yesterday.  She has been SO excited to go there – watching videos of the park, telling me what rides she wants to go on and what characters she wanted to meet – for WEEKS.  So to get there in the worst weather and have to wear ponchos yet still be soaking wet was just terrible.  We went on three rides and she didn’t really have fun on any of them, mostly because we were soaked and cold.  She kept yelling to stop the ride as she choked on water.  It was terrible.  We did get to meet a few characters, and the progression of her hair getting wetter and wetter throughout is kind of comical.  Eric and I decided we would stay just long enough to get the Sunny Day Guarantee, so we can at least visit the park again, free of charge.  As we were driving home it, of course, wasn’t raining.  And all you heard from the back seat was Char’s little voice saying, “it’s not raining now! we go back to Sesame?”  My heart!!!  I was honestly so upset the entire time and the whole ride home, but kids are never as disappointed as we think they are.  The rest of the afternoon (and it was a loooong afternoon) she kept saying, “tell me the story about Sesame Place in the rain!” and would ask if we could go back and I was so glad to be able to tell her yes.

But this time we’re not going to tell her ahead of time and instead just surprise her.  And hopefully we’ll be able to have the sunny day that she’s been dreaming of.

Rain didn’t stop her fun though!!

It might not have been the day we hoped for, but we had a nice time as a family.  Before we left Eric told Char “today is the day to make family memories!”  And we did!  In vinyl ponchos.

I ended up passing out in bed with her at 8:30 so I guess we had a full day and needed the rest.

Who am I kidding though – I always need the rest.

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