Charlotte has always been difficult to dress.  You all know how much she hates dresses and skirts, clothes that are too tight, clothes that are too big, most kinds of shoes, etc., etc.  But now we’re in this lovely phase, that is lasting much longer than I’d like, where she doesn’t wear clothes at all.  It isn’t unusual for me to come home from work to a completely naked child. Underwear thrown across the room or hidden in the couch cushions.  In fact, yesterday when I got home she was stark naked and stayed that way.  She prefers to sleep in the nude now too.  And because I am tired/lazy/sick of fighting with her over everything, I let her.  So really it’s my fault that I am prolonging the naked phase.   I had to let our babysitter now this morning that when Char woke up she would be completely naked just so that she wouldn’t be alarmed when she came waltzing out of the room looking like an actual animal.  The babysitter says they usually have to “work up to wearing clothes.”  They start with underwear and then hours later get some shorts and a shirt on.  I never imagined this being a thing, but alas, here we are.

What’s funny is that she has two pairs of sneakers that she has refused to wear in the past but now thinks they are “so cool” and “so awesome.”  So she’ll wear them around the house, but she’s still naked.  The other day she was running around with her Frozen light up sneakers and nothing else.  We went to a party on Saturday and immediately took her shoes off and was trying to get her pants off too.  Since she’s starting school in less than a month we have been drilling it into her head that she can’t take anything off when she gets there.  Not even her shoes, unless the teacher says it’s okay.  She will randomly look at us and shout, “OK! AND YOU CAN’T TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS AT SCHOOL! NOT EVEN YOUR SHOES BUT REALLY NOT YOUR PANTS!”

So hopefully she’s getting it.  Or else I’ll be writing a post in September about how on Charlotte’s first day she stripped down naked and we were banned from the premises.

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