Dear no nap days: Thank you for the absolute joy that bed time is on a day without a nap.  Last night Charlotte spent the entire day swimming and playing outside and when it was time to go to sleep she wasn’t even able to keep her eyes open for one whole song and I was able to watch TV in peace! HUZZAH!

Dear “Mommy’s Time Out” Wine: Thanks for being so cheap and delicious.  You’re probably not featured on any wine lists anywhere but you make me pretty happy on a nightly basis.

Dear last day of school: Thank you for easing the traffic conditions of NYC.  I got a seat on the subway today which is a RARE occurrence.   It’s the little things, right?

Dear Char: Thank you for the incredible cuddles this morning.  The constant chant of “I love you so much, mommy!” and the kisses all over my cheeks.  I may be tired, but you made my morning today with your sweetness.  But maybe we could skip the 1 AM music session you wanted yesterday?  Pretty please?


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