We’re at this stage with Charlotte when she is constantly asking questions about everything and anything.  Sometimes they’re easy questions to answer, like when she asks me, “do I have to wear pants outside?”  Other questions make me laugh, such as, “why do I have to go to bed if the sun is still out?”  But last night this kid stumped me and I found it to be a great moment of learning for me as well as for her.

Before she went to sleep she wanted to listen to a song called “I’ve Been There Buddy.”  It’s off the Muppet Babies soundtrack and the first few times she just sang the words to me, but then she started asking questions about the first two lines of the song.  They are: “Big feelings can fill you up and make you feel real small – I know, I’ve been there buddy.”  First she asked me what Summer (the penguin who sings this song) meant by small.  “Summer gets small?  Is she little?” And I had to explain to her that isn’t exactly what she meant in this part of the song.  Before I could really get to an explanation, she then started asking about the feelings fill you up part.  “Fill you up like milk mommy?  Is it like filling my Mickey ba?”

And that’s when I realized I had no idea how to explain this to her.

So I took a second to try and grasp some concept of the English language to explain what song lyrics in a Muppet Babies song meant.  If she asked me about the meaning to “How To Grow a Rubber Chicken” I would have been all set, but this was harder than I thought.  Try and think of how you would explain what that meant to a 3 year old on the spot.  It’s hard!

I tried my best and she seemed fine since she fell asleep shortly after, but I sat up for a little while realizing I need to be a little better in my explanations of things when she asks questions.

I like it better when she only asks me if she has to wear pants.


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