Hi all!  I hope you guys had a great long weekend.  I was home unexpectedly on Thursday so it was an extra long weekend for me, which was nice because I spent a lot of quality time with Char.  On Thursday I took her to the Queens Zoo, which is possibly the worst zoo in the city, and it was way more crowded than I thought it would be because every school in Queens had a class trip there at the very moment we arrived.  Charlotte said, and I quote, “‘there’s too many people here. I don’t like people.”  And that is when we left.  We had a nice lunch at Chipotle after that, burrito bowl for me, chips for Char, and then spent the afternoon playing in the sun.  It was a good day and we went to bed happy.

On Friday we went to my mom’s friends to go swimming and Charlotte was in HEAVEN.  She was wearing a floatie and although she was scared at first and I couldn’t really leave her side, she got the hang of it and stayed in the freezing cold water as long as she was allowed.  Another good day!

Saturday was the best day of all because Eric and I got a nice night alone and went to see Deadpool 2, which was HILARIOUS.  I got some nice sleep and then on Sunday we went to celebrate my cousin Ayden’s birthday.  Charlotte is so funny when she sees us, even if it’s only been a day.  She gets a huge smile and said to me, “you told me you’d meet me mommy! You told me you’d meet me!”  She is seriously the cutest.

Yesterday we went to Adventureland with our friends and it was SUCH fun day.  Did Charlotte have a psychotic meltdown because she hated her ride wristband?  Of course.  Did Charlotte ask me for chicken fingers and then refuse to eat them?  You betcha.  Did Charlotte freak out when it was time to leave?  Correct!  But all in all, it was a fun fantastic day and we love spending time with our friends.  And Charlotte went to bed at 7:45 so YAY FOR THAT.

I love good weekends.  Even with some stressful moments where I lose my patience, all of the good outweighed the bad.  She is at such a fun age and I find myself laughing a lot more than I’m screaming.  I mean, I’m definitely still screaming.  You can’t parent a 3 year old without some screaming and if you say you can then you’re a liar and I can’t be your friend.

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