Last night Charlotte and I were watching Zootopia in bed before she went to sleep.  We have seen this movie no less than 750 times, but it’s her favorite thing to watch right before she goes to sleep.  She was cuddled into me and the part where Judy Hopps leaves her parents to go work in Zootopia came on.  She asked me if her parents were going with her, like she asks me every night, even though she knows the movie so well she recites portions of it, and I told her no.  Judy was going off on her own to start a new job and a new life.  I told her one day she would also leave home and and be on her own and start a life.  And then the dramatics began.

Her bottom lip quivered.  She started leaking tears and proclaiming “no! I don’t want to be by myself! I don’t want to go on my own! I want to stay with you!”  I started to laugh because I didn’t think she would get so upset over it, and of course my laughing set her off even more.  I had to keep reassuring her she can always stay with me, forever and always.  As she drifted off to sleep the last thing she said was “I want to stay with mommy.”  It was all very sweet and just one of those “awww” parenting moments where I realized my kid actually does love me and doesn’t want to leave my side!

One day she is actually going to want to leave me, and I’ll be the one crying my eyes out begging her not to go.  I feel like that day is going to come faster than I want, so I better enjoy this while it lasts.

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