Charlotte has woken up every day since Sunday before 6 AM. This is a problem simply because nobody wants to be awake this early. And every morning she says “why is it still dark out if we not sleeping anymore?” And I have to stop myself from screaming in frustration.

I was especially irritable this morning because she wanted me to set up her tent and watch her fling her toys over it and I was tired and needed to get ready for work and not watch Catboy go flying into the wall. I told her I had to get ready and since I had some extra time decided to do my makeup at home instead of at red lights in my car (I know, I knowwwww).

She came to investigate and then asked for a makeup brush because she said she had to do her makeup too. And then for the next five minutes she watched me in the mirror and copied with I was doing with a giant blush brush. When we were done she said “oh mommy you look so beautiful! I look beautiful too?” And that right there is the magic, man. It’s like some force knows when you’re about to break and sends you this small moment where nothing special is actually happening but in fact everything special is happening. I just have to remember to hold on tighter to the magic sometimes. Especially if she keeps waking up at 5:30.

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