I was able to take Charlotte to one of her gymnastics classes on Sunday morning.  She spends the hour alone in the class now and parents get to sit and watch.  This was one of the first times I could say that I felt serious pride in my daughter because she was just so good.  She didn’t come out to me once or even really look for me, she listened to everything the teacher said and she tried every exercise over and over until she got it right.  But what really made me tear up is just how these kids interact with each other.  Because it was a Sunday class we had never been to before Charlotte didn’t know any of the other girls.  But she didn’t care.  They immediately started playing together.  Kids don’t care about anything other than having fun.  They don’t hesitate to smile and go up to one another and just play.  Adults could really learn a lot from kids.  It makes me sad that there comes a time that they lose that innocence.  I hope Charlotte can hold onto it forever.


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