You guys.  The worst time of the year is coming.  The worst, worst, worst.  Did I mention it’s the worst?  I am so afraid and I am unprepared like I am every year.

Sunday, March 11.

Daylight savings time.

I feel like we just did the nightmare of fall back and now we’re springing forward.  Am I happy that we get extra sunlight?  Yes.  Am I petrified of Charlotte going haywire like a broken computer and staying up all night?  Always.  She’s already a damn disaster and this isn’t going to do us any favors.

I don’t even understand why we still do this.  Apparently the whole “saving energy” thing is bullshit because I did a little research and that idea originated from saving candle wax back in the days of Benjamin Franklin.  Benjamin Franklin is dead and I’m pretty sure Bath & Body Works has enough candle wax to go around.  Then I saw something about how it helped farmers, so I did a little more research and found out that’s bullshit too.  Farmers are totally opposed to it and say it messes up their routine.  So then I did even more research and found out that Americans spend more money when it’s light out.  So apparently this is why we do this.  We switch our clocks back and forth two times a year so we can spend more money.

We are screwing up the routines of farmers and parents here people.


Justice for farmers! Justice for parents!  End daylight savings time!

I think I might start a movement.  God, I’m so tired.




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