Thank you all so much for your sweet wishes for Charlotte’s 3rd birthday! She can’t read yet but I told her all about them.  She says “gank you.”

We really had the best day yesterday and a great party on Sunday.  Her party was at The Little Gym of Bayside where she attends gymnastics classes and the kids had a BALL.  It was an hour and a half so the perfect amount of time for the kids to play and then to enjoy some pizza and cake.  She got so many presents and has not stopped playing with everything.

I took off work yesterday to spend the day with her.  We took a walk up to Dunkin’ Donuts and she enjoyed a vanilla frosted with sprinkles for her breakfast, because it’s not every day you turn 3.  She only eats the frosting and the sprinkles though, and then tries to shove the gummy, chewed off donut in my mouth which is just delightful.  Then I took her for her first manicure!!!! She picked her favorite color green and she sat in my lap and was so good and really enjoyed it up until the lady put nail polish remover on her thumb and there was a tiny cut on it that I wasn’t aware of so then she screamed bloody murder and insisted no polish be put on that finger.  But she was so happy with her green nails and little white flowers on them and then she started biting them immediately so I’m never taking her for a manicure ever again.

Charlotte then took a beautiful 2 hour nap and instead of napping with her I decided to watch Twilight and revisit my youth.  Man, what a shit movie that was.  I still love it though.  It’s like jumping back in time to when I went to see it about 7 days in a row.  Right Shanna?  The best of times.

Eric and I then continued our birthday tradition of bringing her to Toys R Us and it always amazes me how fantastic she is in a toy store.  She literally picks one item and then asks to go pay and doesn’t ask for anything else.  And she never picks a huge toy like I think she would.  Yesterday she picked a small PJ Masks art set.  So now we have approximately 367,809 pieces of PJ Masks art sets.  She plays with them all though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

However, the pièce de résistance of the birthday is when we went for pizza and Charlotte ate an entire slice of meatball AND ONION.  I’m still glowing from the joy of that meal.  It’s the little things, am I right?

I can’t believe my baby is 3.  But I’m so happy and so full of love that I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.

Maybe a sibling.



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