My Char Char, my chicken, my charboogie chunka butt.  Today you are THREE!  As cliche as it sounds, it feels like just yesterday I traveled to hell and back to bring you into this world.  How funny is it that mothers have to experience the worst pain in their lives before they can experience the greatest joy?  The lowest low to the highest high.  You were worth it all.

What a year we have had!  You still don’t like to sleep alone, but that’s okay.  One day we’ll get there.  Maybe by 4?  Your hair is still a nightmare and it’s time to get a haircut for real, but in the last few days you’re becoming a little more accepting of a ponytail which is nice.  I have to tell you, this age is my favorite so far.  I loved you as a snuggle baby, but now you are fiercely independent yet still want to cuddle all the time.  I can see the person you are becoming and I am so, so proud of you.  You are so smart and have an amazing memory.  I love teaching you new things, like how to write the letter X, and then seeing how excited and proud you are when you manage to do it yourself.  You should always be proud of yourself no matter what.

I love listening to you talk more than ever.  I love the conversations we have.  I love the way you tell me to “take ya earring off” when you want to hold my ear and drink your Mickey ba.  I love how you always, always say please when you ask for something.  I love how you say it in an especially sweet voice when you know it’s something I’m likely to say no to, like an ice pop at 6:30 am.

I love watching you play when you think nobody is around.  How you can sit in your room for a while by yourself, putting your stuffed animals to bed, playing with your PJ Masks headquarters and making up stories as you go.  I want you to use your imagination for everything in life my girl, it will take you to great places!

I love how you hold my face in your hands and say “mommy you happy?” when you’ve done something wrong and now I’m mad. It’s a brilliant technique that usually stops me in my tracks and makes me smile, so kudos to you for that. Sometimes I forgot how clever you are.

I love how much you love puzzles and it always amazes me that you can usually do them by yourself. I love how you ask me and daddy to come in your room to watch you play. You do love an audience.

You’ve changed so much in the past three years and you continue to change me too.  I love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea.  I love you more than I love sleep (which is saying a lot, since I don’t get much of it).  I love you to infinity and beyond.  I am thankful for absolutely everything over these three years.  Every moment, the good ones and the bad ones.  I have smiled every single day since I have become your mother. You can’t possibly understand the love I have for you my Char Char.

Happy birthday chicken.  I can’t wait to see how much you grow and change over the next year.


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