I never thought the simple act of getting dressed everyday could lead to a fight with Charlotte.  I mean, I had a feeling that getting HER dressed would be a problem, and hoo boy it has, but I never thought she would have opinions about ME getting dressed.  And I’m not talking about my pants or top choices.  Oh no, Charlotte has specific opinions about one item of clothing and one item only.

My bra.

Whenever I get dressed around her, which let’s face it, is most of the time because she’s constantly up my ass, she insists I wear a hot pink bra with aqua straps.  The other day I was wearing a white shirt and therefore putting on a nude bra for obvious reasons.  Charlotte threw a FIT over this.  She was ripping the nude bra off my body and throwing the pink bra at me. “WEAR THE PINK ONE! PUT THE PINK ONE ON NOW MOMMY! PUT IT ONNNNNNN.”  So I did what any rational person would do in this situation.  I put the pink bra on and then went into the bathroom to covertly put the nude one back on and hide the pink one so my child couldn’t tell the difference.

Don’t all mothers do this?  Anyone?  No?  Cool, cool, cool, just me then.

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