Yesterday was Charlotte’s first day in the “funny bugs” class at her gym.  This translates to Charlotte being alone in a class for the first time.  I had anxiety for hours, because I’m ridiculous.  Eric and I took her and she surprised the hell out of me by going right into the gym and running and playing with a big smile on her face and I thought to myself, this was a lot easier than I anticipated.

And thennnnnnnnn class began.  And she came out to find me once, twice, three times.  She had to pee, she needed some milk.  She yelled at her teacher (Eric made her apologize when class was over) and begged me to help her on the balance beam.  But we kept bringing her right back inside.  Every time she came out we talked to her and sent her back in.  And she did the gym bars with her teacher, and she sat in the circle for drum time, and she bounced on the trampoline with the kids.  I’m hoping after a few classes she stops coming out so often.  She might actually do better without me there at all.  But for her first solo class I think she did a decent job!

Now we can focus on her birthday party on Sunday and turning 3 a week from today.  I don’t understand where time is going!

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