I read an article online about how moms are usually the ones behind the camera and never in front.  I also know how critical we can be of ourselves in photos, checking them immediately after they’re taken to make sure we don’t look too fat, too slouched, too ugly.  This is a picture Eric snapped of me and Charlotte after we both fell asleep.  I am in my complete natural state.  Leftover shiny make up, ratty pajamas, an arm pit that looks like it may have some stray hairs sticking out of it.  Nothing about this picture is attractive, but to me, this picture is everything.


Do I look great? Hell to the no.  But my husband got this memory for me.  So I can look back years later and remember a time when Char used to cuddle into me to sleep.  (If she ever gets out of my bed, that is.)

Moms, stop taking the picture.  Get in the picture, and don’t delete them if they’re less than flattering.  Have proof of your memories while you can.

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