I feel like lately I’ve turned a corner with Charlotte.  It seems like our good days are seriously outweighing the bad days, and that makes me so happy.  Does she still frustrate me to the point of an apoplectic meltdown sometimes?  Of course!  Do I still dream of her one day sleeping by herself? Always.  But we are on such a good path that I’m afraid that even writing about it will jinx it, but I want to document the good just as much as I document the bad.

She’s eating so much better than she has in the past.  I mean, she’s eating the same things over and over again, but she’s EATING.  She has fully potty trained herself and the only time we put on pull ups is at night, but she’s waking up totally dry.  The potty training really made things better, especially because we didn’t even have to do anything.  She just decided she was done with diapers, and thank god for that.

The conversations we have with her are fantastic.  She genuinely makes me laugh every day.  She actually asks and answers questions thoughtfully, and I no longer feel like I have to decipher the things she says.  I love that she is more independent and chatty but is still totally into cuddling all the time.  I melt every time she says “mommy hold me, hold meeeee.”  Even if she says it at 2 AM.  I don’t love that she sleeps with us all the time, but I can’t deny that I try to see the good in it because she won’t be sleeping with us forever.  I hope.

I love watching her play.  Last night she said all of her puppies were hungry, and she kept going into her room to make them food on her toy kitchen and bringing it out to feed them.  She names her animals the dumbest things, like sissy and “eeta”, whatever the hell that means, but I laugh at the way she says it.  She was playing with her Frozen figures last night and all Eric and I kept hearing was “Elsa saveeeee me!!” and then she would have Anna respond with, “I cant, I don’t feel well.”  I mean, CORRECT GRAMMAR PEOPLE.

These are the days, man.  I can’t believe she’s going to be 3 in 3 weeks.  But I am really loving this time.

That is, until the threenagers hit.

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