Saturday night on our way home from my cousin’s house, Charlotte started coughing and then proceeded to vomit all over herself.  In her hair, on the iPad, everywhere.  This isn’t our first car vomit rodeo.  The last time I was in hysterics almost as bad as she was.  This time?  Well as she was hysterical and sobbing “it was a accident! get the pukey pukes off of me!” I just said, “well sweetie, we’re on the highway and you’re just going to have to wait until I get off the exit.”  And when we pulled over I just draped her in a blanket and got the puke off the iPad so she could go back to using it.  And then when we got home I had to take a bath with her, because of course I did.  And because my level of no longer giving a shit has hit the highest bar, I took the vomit covered car seat and threw it in the garbage and ordered a new one off of Amazon.  Because I am SO OVER cleaning vomit off a car seat.  It is not worth it.  So thanks, Amazon Prime.  Thanks for giving me the easy way out.

I am so over it.

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