If there is one thing I can recommend to you moms out there, it’s to take a vacation with your BFF, ASAP.  Look, I know quality time with your kids is important.  I know quality time with your husband is important.  Please, take as much of that quality time as you can.  But a girls only trip will do wonders for your mental state.  You will laugh like you haven’t laughed in the longest time.  You will sleep in a bed, alone, uninterrupted by anyone else’s body touching yours.  You will eat without worrying about feeding anyone else and drink way too many coco loco’s.  Our 30th birthday trip to Punta Cana was probably one of the greatest trips I’ve ever taken in terms of fun and mental clarity.  There is something to be said that reading next to your friend in a hotel room in bath robes for 4 hours can be the best time for you.  And then drinking like you’re 21 again the following day, even if you are both throwing up and passed out by 9 PM.

I missed Charlotte of course.  But I didn’t really, if you know what I mean.  I needed this time to myself.  To just sit on the balcony overlooking the ocean without worrying about anything.  Was I excited to see her when I got home?  Of course I was.  But am I also slightly depressed that the carefree ocean days are behind me, too? OF COURSE I AM.  But the funny thing is, yesterday we had such a great family day, just me, Char & Eric, and I think I would have taken it for granted if I didn’t just come off of such a great trip.  So please, get yourselves a babysitter and get away with your girls ASAP.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be perusing Expedia to look for an October trip to Vegas with my husband.  See, quality time FOR ALL.

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