Hey there everyone – Merry Day After Christmas! Are you all exhausted?  I am exhausted.  Between the wrapping, the unwrapping, the opening of toys (why are toys so difficult to open? Does a Barbie doll really need to have their head stapled to the box 6 times?) and the countless trips to the garbage to throw out all of the paper and cardboard, I could sleep for a week.  Not to mention the constant flow of food and drink that has been entering my mouth.  I’m currently eating a grapefruit to try and get some sort of vitamins and minerals into my body considering my only source of nourishment has come from cheese and bread and prosecco.  Ah well, tis the season!

It was definitely not the most joyous holiday after my grandpa’s passing.  I thank you all for the kind words and the thoughts and prayers for our family.  It was tough, but Christmas Eve we were able to be together with just my immediate family and have some laughs, which is what he would have wanted.  The saddest times always seemed to hit me over the littlest things, like the fact that he wasn’t putting the ice in our drinks or taking out the garbage immediately after we finished our dinner.  But he was there in spirit, and my grandma was happy to have us around her.

Eric and I stayed up to put all of Charlotte’s presents out and to set up her PJ Masks Cat Car tent, which is one gift I thought she would go crazy over.  It’s currently folded up under her bed because she really did not give two craps about it.  Isn’t it funny how we think we know what our kids will love and then they end up proving us wrong?  She is much happier with her play doh sets and her PJ Masks headquarters, and watching her play by herself always gives me joy.  Mostly because I don’t have to play with her, because playing with kids is BORING.  Yeah, I said it.

We’ve had quite the week with Charlotte being sick and not sleeping, like, at all, so I was pretty much over being anywhere near her person by yesterday afternoon.  But then Christmas magic happened, and she fell asleep next to me on the couch at 7:30 and then actually went into her bed so Eric and I could hang out and have our bed to ourselves for a few glorious hours, without a furnace of a toddler wedged between us and kicking us in the face.  CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!  I’m back at work today where I will enjoy the solace of being alone for a bit, enjoy the fruit and yogurt I packed since I’m going to try really hard not to eat any carbs until New Years Eve, and then again until PUNTA CANAAAAAAA. 15 more days until my 30th birthday trip with my best friend! Not like I’m counting or anything…

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday with your family.  I truly love seeing all of the pictures on social media of you all with your kids and your trees and decorations.  Merry, merry!

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