I always loved photos of kids crying when meeting Santa Claus.  Don’t get me wrong, the photos I have with Charlotte over the past 2 Christmases sitting on Santa’s lap and smiling are precious and adorable.  But this?  This takes the cake.


I don’t think I’ll ever love a Santa picture with her more than I love this one.  The pure scream of terror.  The twinkle in Santa’s eye and the smile on my face.  This picture is photography gold.  The best part is there was a crowd of people around watching this unfold.  All of my family was watching and laughing.  And she was PISSED.


Kid was NOT HAPPY.  She looks like she has just been through some real tough shit.  But the day was a win for me, because Eric got boots on her and not her ripped up light up sneakers that she insists on wearing everywhere because she is a difficult pain in my ass.  And now when I want to get her to do something I’ll just tell her if she doesn’t listen to me I’m going to get Santa to come.  PARENTING WIN.

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