Is it just me or is the holiday season a little more stressful when you have kids?  I mean, I’m not even in the stage where Santa is actually believed in yet, so I can’t even imagine that fresh hell.  In addition to regular mom life and work life, now I have to add in buying gifts for everyone, wrapping all of those gifts, making the house look festive and then paying for all of it.  It’s freaking exhausting.  I wrapped Charlotte’s gifts the other day and hid them in her closet (where the hell am I supposed to hide her shit when she is old enough to understand Santa?) just because I wanted one less thing to do towards the end of December.  I wasted half a roll of shitty wrapping paper (don’t buy wrapping paper from the value store because it SUCKS) and got a paper cut.  I also cut myself with the scotch tape roll.  And the wrapping looks like crap but at least she won’t care at this point.  I tried to listen to Christmas music on my Alexa while doing this to give me some holiday cheer but she kept playing shitty songs and I gave up and watched The Simpsons.

Also, public service announcement, I’m not doing Christmas cards this year.  There’s a little too much going on personally right now and I don’t have the time, energy or will power to make them and send them out.  So if you don’t get one from me it isn’t because I hate you (I might, you never know) but it’s because I am the Grinch.

Also, I bought these gel decals to put on my window and because I am stupid instead of putting “HO HO HO!” when you went outside it said “OH OH OH!”  I kept it that way.

Merry Christmas?

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