Hi hi hi! We are currently on 4 of our Disney World trip and is it just me or does time speed up when you’re on vacation? It’s like the days go on super speed and that makes me kind of sad. Ah well, gotta enjoy the time we have left!

Charlotte was awesome on the plane which was something I was worried about. Her last plane trip I was able to nurse her during take off and landing and obviously didn’t have that option this time, but she fell asleep for most of the ride. She woke up before landing complaining about her ears, but she seemed to be more confused by it than upset. She is still talking about her ears hurting “yestaday” though so the experience has been imprinted on her brain.

So far we have visited the Animal Kingdom, Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. We’re saving Hollywood Studios for Thursday. We also went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party where Charlotte stayed awake until 11:30 PM and felt like a true party animal! She is LOVING the “wides” (rides), is kind of afraid of the characters and doesn’t give a shit about fireworks. We caught the parade yesterday and she really loved that. She was clapping and waving to the characters and I started to cry like an asshole.

The hardest part is the typical tantrums. Kids don’t give a shit about being in Disney and not having a tantrum. If they want to have a tantrum they are damn well going to have a tantrum. I have had to pick her up like a football and drag her out of places as she screams her little head off. I’ve lost my patience more times than I can count. However, every parent around me is experiencing the same thing. My favorite thing to do in Disney now is to watch every other parent deal with their kids epic meltdowns. And they are meltdowns in every language too. In Epcot the other day when my beast was napping, I caught a mom and dad dealing with one daughter crying and the other one flipping her shit and hitting them with a stuffed Pluto. The dad was asking if anyone wanted to take their kids and the mom was shouting “I hate Disney World!” I started cracking up and asked if I could buy them a drink because they were making me feel better about Char’s flip outs.

Tantrums or not she’s having an amazing time and even though my body aches from head to toe I love watching her take everything in. Disney is my favorite place in the world and holds some of my best memories, so I love being able to make these memories with her. I’m excited for the days to come!

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