So if you took a little gander at my Insta (at the right) or my Facebook, you’ll see that I made a Hail Mary purchase of a PJ Masks bed set with the hopes that it would get Charlotte in her bed and keep her there.  She was SO excited when she saw it and was shouting “mommy put it on! put it on!”  And so put it on I did.  I amped up the excitement factor of this bed. “Look Char! Now you can sleep with the PJ MASKS! ALL NIGHT LONG! FOREVER IN YOUR BED!”  My bedtime battles were over.

It took an hour to put her to bed but this is not unusual because she loves to talk to me and have me tell her stories and all of the things I just love doing for maybe 20 minutes but certainly not a damn hour.  But she went to sleep in all her PJ Masks glory with her Boo doll by her side.


That doll is creepy AF by the way.

But then something magical happened.  Charlotte slept all night in her bed! I got a full 8 hours without a child on my body! PJ MASKS FOR THE WIN!



She was awake by 9:15.  Grabbing my ear lobes by 9:30.  Questioning my life choices by 9:31.  But someone told me if you write down your dreams they have a better chance of coming true, so here’s hoping!!!

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