Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope your kiddos all have their costumes ready and everyone is excited for trick or treating!  I have my “costume” ready for later, prepped my candy to give out and have Charlotte’s bag ready for our trick or treating extravaganza.  Charlotte’s choice of two costumes are sitting in the bottom of a brown paper bag because she has decided she hates them and will not wear them.  I’m hoping she changes her mind later and doesn’t scream at me: “costume is bad! throw the costume in the gawbitch! no costume!” Which is what she has been doing every time I try to bring the costume near her.  Which makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER because she was so excited about Owlette and Catboy but I think stapling a costume to your child’s body is frowned upon so we might be going out in regular clothes.  I have however, come up with a plan to combat this and will post photos later if it needs to be done.

I’m only afraid that there are going to be some dick people out there who say Charlotte can’t have candy because she’s not wearing a costume.  Because if this happens I’m going to follow Charlotte’s advice and THROW THEM IN THE GAWBITCH.

Everyone be safe, have fun, and don’t eat all your candy in one shot!  And can someone out there buy Heath bars for f’s sake!?  NOBODY EVER HAS HEATH BARS AND I LOVE THE TOFFEE GOODNESS.

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