I took the day off of work yesterday to take Charlotte to her gymnastics class and for her flu shot.   She goes to gymnastics every Wednesday with our rockin’ babysitter but I haven’t been able to take her in a really long time and was feeling bad about it so off we went.  It was … interesting.

Charlotte was super clingy at the beginning.  The other moms made a comment about how she usually is never like this and is always the one leading the class, so I guess my presence turned her into a bit of an asshole.  Every time the teacher asked if she wanted to do something she started screaming “NO! I A LITTLE ANGRY! I A LITTLE CRANKY!” and just wanted to be off by herself, but after a little while she finally started to participate and show me what she can do.  Her favorite activity is the bar and the teacher mentioned to me that she is very strong and when she is actively participating she does a great job, so I guess that’s good?  Here’s my little monkey:

I was surprised with how well she could hold on and pull herself up on that bar.  She loved it so much and kept saying “I show mommy more!”  But then when the other kids wanted to use it she turned into a demon and I had to do that awkward in public disciplining that I seriously hate soooo much.  Isn’t that one of the worst parts of parenting?  When you have to calmly discipline your child instead of screaming at them like you want to?  And then it doesn’t even work because HELLO SHE’S TWO AND A HALF and I just have to keep repeating “we have to share, everyone gets a turn, we don’t say we want to hit little boys” and then that turned into this:


Fun times I tell ya.  So glad I took off work to do this.  BUT the teacher then set up an obstacle course and she was really into it:

If only she would let me pull her hair back! WHY GOD WHYYYYYYY?!

Anyway, it was an hour well spent out of the house, so that’s a plus.  After that we went right across the way for her flu shot which I had major, major anxiety about.  And then because my child always surprises me, she watched the nurse put the needle in her arm and said “ohhh that hurt” and then asked me for a sprinkle cookie.  She didn’t even cry.  WHAT.  Thank God for small miracles!

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