Whenever I am at my mom’s house I know that if I need anything, anything at all, she’s going to have it.  She has a closet with boxes filled with extra toothbrushes, razors, medicine of all types, tissues, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, you name it.  She’s got like 15 different types of antacid medications. Tums, gummies, mentos like chewables.  I mean if you get heartburn at my mom’s house you have a buffet of antacid choices at your fingertips.  It’s wonderful.

I … am not this way.

I don’t know if I just haven’t hit the age yet where I stockpile 75 different types of tums, but I pretty much don’t have anything in my house.  I’ve got like 10 different types of face lotion that I don’t use but still won’t throw away, so if your face is dry at my house I’ve got you covered.  But other things I tend to not buy them until I need them, which is a problem.

Case in point.  Last night Charlotte bit off a hangnail.  So of course she is bleeding and screaming that her finger hurts and crying out for a band-aid.  I bring her into the bathroom and put a tissue on her bleeding finger (finger wounds bleed A LOT more than I thought they did, by the way) and I go to get her box of Princess band-aids that I bought her a month ago.  Only to realize that she used every single one of those band-aids up, and I have ZERO BAND-AIDS.  So now I curse, and Charlotte repeats me, even as she is still crying that she needs her band-aid.  So I do what one does when you have no medical supplies in your house and you have a small child.  I took a tissue, wrapped it around her finger, and secured it with scotch tape.

She wasn’t amused.  I told her I would buy her band-aids tomorrow, and so of course at 5:50 this morning she was asking me for a band-aid, because it was tomorrow.  So I really, really, REALLY cannot forget the band-aids today.  Even though her finger is fine.

I might just Amazon Prime band-aids and 75 bottles of antacids to be honest.

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