I am so happy it’s Friday.  Not that the weekends are full of relaxtion when you have kids, but it’s still nice to know you don’t have to wake up and get ready for work in the morning.  I mean you still have to wake up, because you have personal human alarm clocks, but you can stay in your pajamas for hours if that’s your jam.  And tomorrow that is going to be my jammmmm.  I’m also just looking forward to going to bed tonight because I haven’t had the greatest sleep this week and it hasn’t all been Charlotte’s fault, which is good news for her I guess.


Last night she was up at like 3 AM slapping me in the face looking for my ear lobe.  And then when I was departing for work, here she was:unnamed

So friggin’ unfair.  Also, I’m weirdly jealous of her eyelashes.  I’d pay good money for those eyelashes.

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