If Charlotte is awake when I get ready for work in the morning — which, let’s face it, is all the damn time — she usually asks for my phone to look at pictures and videos of herself.  I happily oblige because my coffee isn’t going to make itself.  The funny thing about raising kids with all of this technology around us is that they figure out how to use said technology pretty damn fast.  It amazes me that Charlotte cannot yet pee in a toilet but can work my iPhone perfectly.  Anyway, she doesn’t just like to look at pictures of herself now.  Oh no, she likes to take pictures of herself.  Here are three photos (out of 212 – I counted) that made me laugh when I got to work the other day because I had no idea she was having a photo shoot.


I laughed so hard when I saw these pictures, especially the first one.  She took burst photos of that first one.  There were 37 pictures in a row of her little ballerina foot.

Sidenote: Last night it took me 76 million hours to put her to bed because she kept asking me why she couldn’t put macaroni in her butt.  I don’t even have any words for this but I think everyone should know.

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