Hey there! So as you can see (I hope) I have changed up the design of the site a little bit.  I’ll probably be tweaking with it a little bit here and there because I have no idea what I’m doing, but the exciting thing is The Mommy Minutes is now a registered domain!  Which means all you need to do is type in themommyminutes.com from now on to get to my lovely little blog.  HOW EXCITED ARE ALL OF YOU!  It’s too much to take in on this Monday morning, I know.  Big things happening over here.

Hopefully you all had a great weekend.  We had a pretty busy weekend but the weather was gorgeous and everything was so, so fun.  The best part of the weekend was Charlotte starting soccer!  She was amazing you guys.  It was like watching Bend It Like Beckham in real time.  She is a star. Natural gift.  Pure athlete.

These are all lies.  It was a disaster.  A funny, heartwarming disaster.  Although what can one expect from the first soccer practice for 2 and a half year olds?  I guess we’re just lucky she didn’t attack anyone.  She was very attentive in the beginning and the end, but the middle was a shit show.  She didn’t understand soccer was about kicking the ball, not picking it up with your hands and running it over to the net and then kicking it.  She told the coach she was a “yittle cranky,” said she wanted “to be in the clouds,” asked to pet every dog under the sun and then decided to walk away from everyone and stand alone by a bench to collect her thoughts.  Then she was asking for milk and Moana.  It was the best of times.



Here’s a snippet of my little chicken during the “last kicks.”  Melts my heart!!

Also, she has been asking for a Chucky doll on a daily basis. THANKS ERIC.

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