I got home from work the other day and Eric and Charlotte were on the living room floor playing with toys and watching TV.  This is usually what is going on when I get home from work.  The TV is usually playing PJ Masks.  Do you want to know what my husband and 2 and a half year old daughter were watching on this evening?

Child’s Play 3.  You know, the one with Chucky, the murderous doll.  The doll that scarred me for life as a child.  The doll I can’t even look at without feeling pure fear.  THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE WATCHING.  So of course, I started screaming at Eric to turn it off, because 1) I don’t think Charlotte should be in the same room as Chucky and 2) I don’t want to look at Chucky.  And do you want to know what my daughter said when Eric changed the channel?


I really don’t know what else to say about this situation except, what the actual fuck?  This can’t be normal, right?  I don’t think this is normal.  Aren’t kids usually scared of this stuff?  Or am I going to just have to live with a husband and a daughter who watch horror movies together  while I cower in the corner?  This definitely isn’t normal.


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